David Cook is “Innocent”

But the song started out terrible. He was pitchy. Ugh. He wrote “Give Back” on his palm. What a com-puh-lete and utter TOOL

“Not one of your strongest weeks, man,” Jackson said.

“I didn’t like this performance very much at all,” Cowell said. “I thought it was a teensy bit pompous. We say this week after week: originality, choice of song and something you’re going to remember in a couple days. This wasn’t anywhere near as good as last two weeks.

Carly Smithson takes on Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.” She seems angry instead of inspired. Weird.

“It was just ok for me,” Jackson said. “Another big tiger to take on.”

“I didn’t feel engaged,” Abdul said, leaving Cowell to do Abdul’s job and compliment Smithson’s appearance.

“You over-sang it to the point where you lost control of the song at the end,” he said. “It came across as a bit angry. You may be in a bit of trouble this week.”

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