Obama talks about not taking lobbyists money in new Pennsylvania spot.

SHARE Obama talks about not taking lobbyists money in new Pennsylvania spot.

WASHINGTON–Another new spot by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) running in Pennsylvania, dealing with a lawmaker who turned pharmacutical industry lobbyist, emphasizes that Obama is the only candidate who “refuses” to take lobbyist money. He accepted contributions from lobbyists and political action committees as a state senator, U.S. House candidate, U.S. Senate candidate and for his own political action committee, HOPEFUND. Obama stopped taking donations from these sources when he started running for president in February, 2007.

New Obama Ad Hits Pennsylvania TV

In Billy, Obama cites prescription drug bill as evidence of need to change Washington

PHILADELPHIA, PASenator Barack Obamas Pennsylvania campaign today began airing a new television ad which underscores the need to end business as usual in Washington in order to finally make progress for working families.

In the thirty-second spot, entitled Billy, Obama explains that the pharmaceutical industry wrote a provision into the prescription drug plan preventing Medicare from negotiating with drug companies, and that the chairman of the committee who pushed the bill through to law then left Congress to take a multi-million dollar job with the pharmaceutical industry.

Senator Obama is the one candidate in this race who doesnt take money from special interest PACs or their Washington lobbyists, and hes the one candidate who has actually passed legislation to reduce their influence on the political process. As President, Obama will close the revolving door between the executive branch and K Street, stand up to the special interests, and make government work for everyday Americans again.


Barack Obama: The pharmaceutical industry wrote into the prescription drug plan that Medicare could not negotiate with drug companies. And you know what the chairman of the committee, who pushed the law through went to work for the pharmaceutical industry making 2 million dollars a year.

Imagine that.

Thats an example of the same old game playing in Washington. You know I dont want to learn how to play the game better, I want to put an end to the game playing.

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