KW on Figgins and his team

While most of baseball is either surprised by the White Sox or waiting for the bottom to fall out, general manager Ken Williams, well, he isnt the least bit shocked with what the standings show right now.

Asked what his feelings about the team were, he responded, That they have a very high ceiling, but I have felt this way from the beginning. I dont feel any different now than I did at the beginning of the season. In some respects, because we are in the position we are and havent played steady offense, even greater hopes for this season.

But that doesnt mean he will just stand pat and let this opportunity go to waste. As reported in Wednesdays Sun-Times, a source close to the situation said that Williams started sending out feelers more than two weeks ago to teams that had leadoff hitters also capable of playing second base.

The name of Angels infielder Chone Figgins came up, and more than once. A fact that Williams, well, was very careful in answering.

”That’s an interesting name, and a name that I, yeah … they’re a pretty good team and they need … I’m talking about the guys that will ultimately be available, and I don’t know if they will be any better than what we already got,” Williams said. ”Again, the key phrase being that they will ultimately be available. Not that I can’t sit here and play the fantasy game. Hell, I can play that game and come up with a bunch of people. Reality, that’s the game I have to deal in.”

Interest in a player doesnt mean squat if the other team isnt ready to let a Figgins go, but what it shows is this is still not a finished product. By any means.

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