Don’t look for WR help after June 1

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Wrapping it up before the weekend …

Read through a few e-mails wondering about the Bears chances of finding wide receiver help in light of Mark Bradleys shaky situation after he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee earlier this month. It was suggested that perhaps the Bears could find some help in the form of some post-June 1 cuts.

The post-June 1 cuts that used to come from teams seeking some salary-cap relief are obsolete, and really its been just a rumor not a reality that you could find help there the past couple years. Clubs had done a better job of managing their finances and a lot of the burdensome salaries were unloaded in March before hefty roster bonuses were due.

Fact is, the post-June 1 cuts have already been made. The CBA allowed teams this year to rleease two players prior to June 1 and designate them as post-June 1 cuts. Its what the Washington Redskins did with wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who the Bears signed in early March.

The change helped both sides. The team was still able to spread a cap hit out over two seasons, and the player got to look for work earlier and find a home in early spring to get acclimated with a new team instead of seeking a job at a time when most rosters are set.

So, the short of it is that the Bears already have some post-June 1 help with them at receiver. His name is Lloyd. The days of secondary free-agent shopping in June are over.

*** Devin Hester was back at work Thursday. The receiver/returner didnt participate in the OTA on Wednesday when media attended, but here you can find Hester in action from Thursdays OTA. Also, look in these snapshots from the camera of Larry Mayer and find more evidence of John Tait working at right tackle.

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