‘Lost': I always feel like somebody’s watching me

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So they answered who’s in the coffin, but “Lost” has never gotten back to the question that’s burning in my overwrought little brain: what the hell’s up with the four-toed statue?

Some more thoughts and theories after opening last night’s coffin …

John Locke the real one, the philosopher was a staunch advocate of individual rights, a traditional view in his day and one that birthed democracies such as ours. Jeremy Bentham, however again, the real philosopher advocated for utilitarianism, an idea that any action is morally good so long as it benefits the most people (the ends justify the means). So as the “Lost” Locke transitions into the Bentham alias, does that foreshadow how his thoughts will guide his action … and what ever “bad stuff” is about to happen on the island?

I guess the admission ticket to this island, at least for Jack, is a coffin. He arrived with his dead dad in a box who promptly disappeared, leaving Jack to demolish the coffin in rage and now he’s under orders to go back to the island, this time with Locke in a box. And I assume Locke will also rise from the dead and freak people out as a very calm ghost prone to sudden appearances.

Speaking of: Here’s something another eagle-eyed blog commenter saw last night. In the scene when Michael’s efforts to keep the bomb’s battery frozen literally fizzle out, between the whispers and the appearance of Christian, there’s this frame:


Had that video camera always been in the room? Either way, who set it up, and why are they watching? Is this further evidence of the Panopticon…?

A commenter to Doc Jensen’s regular recap at Entertainment Weekly had already copied and reversed the creepy backwards voice on Kate’s phone near the end of the episode: “According to a sound file sent to me by reader Russ Boyd, the backward voice on Kate’s phone said, ‘The island needs you….You have to go back before it’s too late.’ ”

Hey, what about that nearby second island, where Jack, Sawyer and Kate were originally imprisoned by the Others? The folks in the copter last night said they didn’t see it. So did the disappearing zap have some kind of blast radius, whisking it away, too? And maybe Faraday’s boat full of passengers? Perhaps Jin jumped from the freighter and got zapped away, too?

Were not the only ones who left the island. Remember, the Oceanic woman walked back from the cockpit of the plane to speak with the O6, btu before she got to them she nodded and smiled hello to someone sitting up front, off-camera. Who dat?

And, finally, my favorite comment from another blogger this morning: “Where’s Vincent?”

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