Lawyer: Benson looks “perfectly sober” in video shot of sobriety tests

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The Bears have already passed judgment on Cedric Benson, placing the running back on waivers Monday.

Benson’s fate in with law enforcement officials in Austin, Texas, remains very much up in the air.

He’s dealing with his boating arrest from May 3, when he was charged with drunk boating and resisting arrest, and then he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving Saturday. That led to his release.

Benson’s Austin, Texas-based attorney Sam Bassett says he has viewed a tape of the field sobriety tests Benson was given in the crowded downtown party district.

“I want you to know that a concerned citizen who videotaped Cedrics field sobriety testing showed me his video this morning,” Bassett said in an e-mail. “Cedric looks perfectly sober from my standpoint on this video. The tape also shows a chaotic, almost circus-like scene. Dozens, if not hundreds of people are watching, milling around. Cedric is forced to perform the field sobriety tests in the middle of Colorado Street with all but one lane of traffic blocked. As hes performing the tests, cars are driving within a few feet of him and at times people walk near him. Many of the pedestrians walking around are obviously intoxicated. One should also note that this section of Colorado is sloped from north to south.

“It is clear that the scene was almost an entertainment event for those involved. Though I dont attribute motives to the officers who set this up, it seems that it would have been much more fair, professional and civilized to have conducted the tests in a more private area. However, Cedric was not afforded any such dignity. Nonetheless, even under the difficult circumstances, he performed well and does not look intoxicated.”

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