Obama, at fund-raiser in Newport Beach, Calif. takes one sip of a Mimosa.

SHARE Obama, at fund-raiser in Newport Beach, Calif. takes one sip of a Mimosa.

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Perry Bacon, Washington Post

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Fundraiser at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach. Obama spent about 45 minutes in a private part of the fundraiser, then gave remarks at reception that we all saw. $28,500 for VIP tickets, $2300 to attend the main reception. List of hosts includes these people: Bette and Wylie Aitken Frank Barbaro

Suzanne and Gary Bryant Hanna Wagari & Patrick Howell

Sandy and Harold Price Nancy and Jeff Stack

Leigh Steinberg (Im pretty sure Steinberg is a famous sports agent, but did not see him in the room or have time to verify his presence) Arianna Huffington was there, Rep. Linda Sanchez too,

One of the organizers announced as we walked in that the event had raised $1.2 million, and he bragged it was more than McCain when he held a fundraiser here. After we entered, Jordan Farmar, the Lakers guard was talking about Obama, but Karen Bass, the speaker of the House of the state, formally introduced him.

No news. At the beginning of his remarks, Obama said, Im still looking for my mimosa, as many of the several hundred people in this ballroom were holding drinks. (There were small, tall tables, but chairs only in the back and people crowded into the front of my room, fruit and some others snacks were the food)

So someone handed the candidate a Mimosa, which amused him. He had a sip, then put it down, said I was joking, before declaring himself more of a Bloody Mary guy.

From there, after thanking various California big-wigs in the room such Sanchez and her sister, Farmer, the chairs of his campaign here, etc. he launched into his standard fundraising speech, talking about how much he loves America from traveling to 49 states, the babies now walking and talking who were born when his race against HRC first started, a long list of issue he would take on (Iraq, education, health care, energy)

Young people are coming out in ways they never have before, he said. They are inspired not as much by me as by each other.

Its not that theyve been apathetic, theyre organizing around Darfur, theyve been joining Teach for America. . but theyve been skeptical about the possibilities of politics and Washington. What we told them is you channel those energies into politics, we can change Washington.

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