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Another Chicago contender on 'Project Runway' v5.0

Her name is Terri, she’s 39, a Columbia College grad from Chicago, and she loves Karl Lagerfeld. She’ll be competing against people with names such as Blayne, Korto and Suede to win the fifth season of “Project Runway,” starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday on Bravo.

Terri is a freelance designer who favors just what you see her wearing above: low-waist, bell-cut black pants. She is, of course, “working on my own fashion line.” Looks like her fashion sense might bring some funk to the show while others bring only noise …

Terri’s full contestant bio says: “Terri is as a freelance stylist and designer from Chicago. She has worked as an assistant designer to Barbara Bates, a stylist and merchandiser for Nordstrom, and a regional visual manager for Levi’s. This Midwestern girl has determination while attending Columbia College, she started her own fashion organization where any student could display and debut their designs in competitions, exhibitions, and an annual fashion show. She is currently working as a Victoria’s Secret visual manager and would like to break out with her own designs. She has eclectic and funky styles that compliment her own unique personality. Karl Lagerfeld is Terri’s biggest fashion inspiration.”

Other contestant bios reveal the usual archetypes. Dig the frowny guy with the blue mohawk, 1991 grunge flannel and two wallet chains who “describes himself as edgy, captivating and alternative.” Santino, we hardly knew ye …

Bravo also announced guest judges today. Among the designers evaluating the duds on the namesake runway in addition to Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors will be celebrities Sandra Bernhard, LL Cool J, Apolo Ohno, Natalie Portman, RuPaul, Austin Scarlett, Brooke Shields and Rachel Zoe.