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Camp notes: Tillman arrives at ONU; Williams' back no big deal

Looks like Twitter is down for cyber repairs … so a chance to report a couple notes that got lost in technology.

*** Cornerback Charles Tillman arrived at training camp Thursday after missing the first two days of practice. He has been excused for personal reasons.

*** Rookie left tackle Chris Williams suffered only back spasms. He’s doing better and there is a possibility he will be on the practice field Friday. That was good news for the Bears, who got a scare when he walked off to the locker room during practice.

*** Rookie running back Matt Forte is nearly 6-2 and it was interesting to hear him respond to criticism that he has an upright running style. It’s really kind of a cliche for any back his height.

“I’ve been running like that since I started playing football,” he said. “I wouldn’t call it an upright running style because when I’m running and I see somebody’s going to hit me, I’m not going to stand straight up, so I don’t know why they say upright running style anyway.

“I hear it all the time. Obviously I’m going to protect myself out here. I run with my pads low. You make easier cuts that way. That’s how you learn how to cut and hit the hole hard.”

Quote of the day

Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake when asked if wide receiver Devin Hester could lose his spot by not being here:

Wally Pip. You tell the guys, nobody every heard of Lou Gehrig until Wally Pip got sick one day and he was held out. Next thing you know Miller Huggins said ‘Hey, Gehrig, get in here.'” Lou Gehrig. 4,000 games later, who ever heard of Wally Pipp?”