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Skiles comments on Bulls without Gordon

There’s been a healthy debate raging this preseason about exactly how much the Bulls will miss Ben Gordon, the team’s leading scorer each of the last four seasons.

So before the Bulls played the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night in Green Bay, I asked Bucks coach (and former Bulls coach) Scott Skiles how he thought the Bulls would fare now that Gordon is playing with the Detroit Pistons and John Salmons is the Bulls’ starting shooting guard.

“[Salmons] came in right away last year and played very well for them,” Skiles said. “He’s a veteran player. He can score. Ben’s heroics over the years there are well documented, so there’s a hole there to fill, but Salmons is a very qualified player and Pargo is sort of a poor man’s Ben.

“They have very good guards, very good perimeter players.”

That’s pretty much the position I’ve taken. Sure, Gordon’s departure leaves a hole, but the Bulls certainly are capable of filling it. Although 20-point scorers are tough to come by, the loss of Gordon won’t be a big issue.

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