Ogunleye appealing fine as Stafford likely to miss 2nd game

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford reportedly missed practice this morning with his injured right knee, and it looks more like he will miss his second game since being sacked by Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye during the fourth quarter Oct. 4 at Soldier Field.

Ogunleye was fined $7,500 by the NFL for violating the league’s horse collar policy, and he said he is appealing the fine. He feels bad for Stafford, who reportedly suffered a dislocated right knee cap, but wouldn’t do anything differently on the play if he had it to do over again. Ogunleye spun Stafford to the ground, and replays clearly showed he was grasping the back of the jersey near or at the collar.

“I had him by the front of his jersey and it slipped to the back as he was trying to get away,” Ogunleye said. “I was very surprised I was fined.

“I never want to see a guy get hurt, and that’s not my intention, but at the same time we’re playing football. People do get hurt. This is what they pay me to do, get after the quarterback. I don’t get it. It’s starting not to make any sense. I grabbed him and he was running away from me, it’s not like I grabbed him here [motions to the back of the jersey], and he pulled away and his jersey was loose and it kind of slid. I didn’t think it was a horse collar. But you have to be careful with what you say around here.

“I’m sorry to hear he didn’t practice.”

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