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Rockit's Wingfest brings the heat (and the sweet)

For many people, when you say the word wings, they think “buffalo sauce.” (Ok, maybe some think “Sandpiper Airlines,” but they watch too much TV.) But Rockit chef James Gottwald is different. To him, a chicken wing is simply a blank slate, to be slathered with any creative sauce he can concoct. At least, that’s the way he thinks during Wingfest, the weeklong ode to the chicken wing running October 19-23 at Rockit’s River North and Wrigleyville locations.

The out-of-the-box flavors available all week long include truffle and foie gras (truffle butter-tossed chicken wings with foie gras gravy), sweet chile & lime (with lime wedges and soy sauce), lemon grilled wings (with wild oregano, garlic and feta fondue), pomegranate port wine (with mango dipping sauce) and, for the traditionalists, “Nuclear” (tossed in super spicy buffalo sauce). Each variety costs $10 per dozen wings. Because wings of any flavor go well with beer, there will also be $3 drafts of Goose Island Harvest Ale available throughout the week.