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League source: Gaines Adams needs to hit the weight room

Spoke to a league source Friday night who has had a close watch on the career of Gaines Adams.

Here is what he had to say about the defensive end the Bears acquired for their 2010 second-round draft pick:

“He hasn’t really developed yet and he’s not a great player. For the fourth pick in the draft, yeah, he’s a bust. But I think a change of scenery will help him. He’s a guy who needs someone to motivate him. He needs to develop his body. He looks like a basketball player. But he looks good coming off the ball sometimes. He can be better. He shows flashes. You can see the talent there. It will be interesting to see what he does.”

Here are Adams’ career numbers:

2009 5 games 5 starts 10 tackles 8 solos 1 sack 2 passes defended

2008 16 games 16 starts 38 tackles 27 solos 6.5 sacks 6 passes defended 2 INT 1 TD

2007 16 games 8 starts 38 tackles 28 solos 6 sacks 2 passes defended 2 forced fumbles