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Wild Monday: ladybugs and boxelder bugs

Some things just give me the willies.

No, I don’t mean the ladybugs.

Here’s what gave me the willies.

For the first time this fall, ladybugs popped all over the place. While the kids played outside after school, I noticed numerous ones crawling over the garage and trees, and flying, so I grabbed the camera.

Then I went inside to download the photos and found a message from Bill Anderson that he was doing the same thing:

Both the lady bugs and box elders finally showed up. Here are a few close-ups.

His photo was better than mine. And it is the one above.

The timing gave me the willies.

Several weeks ago, I mentioned how I had hardly seen any ladybugs at all. Maybe it was just the cold snap early this fall and they responded to the first real warmth in quite a while in the warm sun Monday afternoon.

Anderson also sent the bonus photos of boxelder bugs.

It may be late, but there’s some warm fall signs at last.

Now, if only I would see my first woolly bear of the fall.