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Marvin Harrison to the Bears wasn't a hoax, not really

The Marvin Harrison-to-the-Bears mystery has been solved.

Weeks ago, a caller to WSCR 670-AM said the former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver was sighted in Lake Forest based on seeing an upscale SUV with Indiana vanity license plates. The plates not only have the Colts helmet, but also No. 88, the number Harrison wore for 13 seasons with the Colts.

It wasn’t a hox. In the light rain at Halas Hall, I just spotted the exact same vehicle in front of the building.

I can promise you that unless he was hiding in the back, Harrison wasn’t in the car.

Instead, it was driven by someone Bears fans identify more with No. 95. Yes, Richard Dent, an ex-Colt, had the keys to the vehicle and we had a brief chat before he motored off.

So, the tipster to the radio station was not making something up. It was not a bogus call. Dent played with the Colts in 1996, the second to final year of his career and the year Harrison was drafted by the Colts. He’s commemorating that season by using a vehicle with Colts license plates. Go figure.