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College Improv Tournament begins junior year

Are you a fan of college humor? No, not the hilarious comedy site — the real thing. The third annual College Improv Tournament — created by Jonathan Pitts, executive producer of the famed Chicago Improv Festival — begins November 7 with the Midwest Regional at pH Productions‘s Studio Be Theater (3110 N. Sheffield). Ten teams, including Illinois State’s Improv Mafia (last year’s champion) and University of Illinois-Urbana’s Kaboot, will compete in matches all day long (noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., with the finals at 10 p.m.), and you can view the action for just $10-$15. That’s a small price to pay to witness the potential next big thing.

If you only care about the Chicago schools, you’ve got some time. The local regional, featuring nine teams from seven Chicago colleges and universities, has been rescheduled to January 23, 2010. We know a website you can waste time on ’til then.