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Gould, Davis selected as alternate reps to the NFLPA

It’s a complex time in the NFL when it comes to the labor issues, and Bears players held a union meeting at the end of the day on Thursday where kicker Robbie Gould and wide receiver Rashied Davis were selected as alternate representatives to the NFLPA.

Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer is the team’s player rep, and attended the meetings in Hawaii in March when DeMaurice Smith was elected as the executive director of the players association. The vote was needed because Mike Brown and John Tait, both ex-Bears, served roles in the past.

It’s not a job that is being taken lightly. Tom Brady was selected as an alternate rep for the New England Patriots earlier this month.

“You’re a part of the meetings. You have a voice for whatever issues that may come up,” Brady said. “There are certainly a lot of them. The players obviously don’t want to see a lockout. We want to keep working, but if the owners lock us out, we’ve got to be informed. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but it’s not really in the players’ control.”