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West Town artists get sketchy this Thursday

In this town, when you hear the word “sketch,” you probably think of comedy — Second City, ComedySportz, etc. But the word has more than one meaning, and local artists aim to let you know about it with this week’s launch of Sketch Thursdays, a rotating, once-a-month (second Thursday) event in West Town.

The first free installment (you must be 21 to enter) goes down from 6-9 p.m. at The Architrouve, and will feature local emerging artists sketching or painting throughout the night, then offering those works for sale until close.

But this isn’t all about buying, or even drinking; you can bring along your own pens ‘n’ paints and create your own art — just don’t expect a seat, as those are mostly reserved for invited artists. If you want to get an invite to a future installment, or just find out when and where the next one will be, contact Matthew Westfallen, (312) 850-9390.