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Fox Sports employs Ted Williams' frozen head to predict the playoffs

The people over at FOX Sports are looking at the MLB playoffs from a whole new angle that many in the mainstream probably didn’t even consider.

From the frozen head of Hall of Fame outfielder Ted Williams.

That’s right, just a few short days after hearing of the alleged abuses of Teddy Ballgame’s head, they’ve decided enough time has passed to make light of it.

Here’s the preamble to the piece that predicts the outcomes of each of the four first-round series:

I know what you’re thinking: Cremation is looking pretty good right now.


the ol’ Splinter took some licks in life — broken elbow, neck problems,

fighter-jet crash landings. But nothing as rough as the abuse I’ve

taken in death.

Course, these lab tech wusses would wait ’til I got no arms to take a run at The Kid.


if you think a few lumps are gonna keep Teddy Ballgame down, you got

another think coming. Like I always say, there’s no crying in cryonics.


look at the bright side, if I wasn’t frozen in suspended animation, I

wouldn’t be able to weigh in on the 2009 playoff picture.

You’ve got to give them credit for seizing the moment, but is this in bad taste — or funny and harmless?

I’m curious as to how the concept for this graphic was described to the new media member charged with creating it, and how awkward of an exchange that was.

Ted Williams’ frozen head? In a freezer? Next to Colorado Rockies ice cream and New York Yankees frozen meat? Yeah, I suppose I could do that …