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Cole Hamels struggles while wife gives birth to baby

It’s understandable if Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels had a hard time focusing during his Game 2 start against the Colorado Rockies. After all, his wife Heidi was due with the couple’s first child at any time. And while he was struggling out there, she actually went into labor.

Hamels was informed of the development by Phillies clubhouse attendant Frank Coppenbarger, who received the following text from what appears to be a very poised Heidi.

I’m in the hospital going into labor. Could you please tell Cole as soon as he is done pitching?

By the time this message reached him, Hamels had already been lifted from the game and was able to race to the hospital to be with his wife. Giving up four runs in five innings can really free up a guy’s afternoon.

The kid’s got some good genes, what with daddy being the pitcher with the hair and mommy the “Survivor” alum. Around here, we’re just glad there’s a happy ending associated with the accompanying picture — one that hasn’t provided any fodder at all for Phillies haters.