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Demo2DeRo: Derek Nelson

In addition to bearing a striking and somewhat unsettling resemblance to a young John Mayer, Chicago singer and songwriter Derek Nelson at times skirts a similar “vaguely rootsy meets bland pop pandering” sound on some of the tracks from his debut EP, “Something Obscure,” a six-song effort for which he seemingly spared no expense. (Recorded in Chicago, it was mixed at the famous alt-rock sanctum of Smart Studios in Madison, Wisc.)

Yet while a track such as “Tightrope Walker” is easily dismissed as romantic fluff, others such as “Sidestreets in London” have a more heartfelt lyrical approach and winning musical touches like melancholy violin and endearingly Dylanesque harmonica. In other words, it could go either way for this young aspirant–he’s only got a handful of gigs under his belt to date–and one hopes he’ll take the more challenging, less predictable path. Meanwhile, sample his music at or