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Bad week for local music venues

It’s been a bad week for local music fans (at least, for those who like options). Over the past several days, we’ve learned that…

Sonotheque is closing on Sunday, having been sold to a group that includes Paul Devitt, owner of the Beauty Bar franchise. It’s too early to tell what the new space will become, but you can bet that the final few shows will be packed with folks paying their respects.

Bill’s Blues Bar in Evanston has closed, citing financial difficulties.

Blue Chicago will close one of its two Clark Street venues (the one at 736 N. Clark) on January 2, 2010. The 536 N. Clark location will remain open.

Add this to the recent news that the city would be cutting or at least downsizing some of its biggest lakefront music festivals (a move that sparked an ever-growing “Save Chicago Music” petition), and things aren’t looking so hot. Here’s hoping next week brings some better news…

What Chicago music venue could you not bear to lose? Tell us in the comments.