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Buck of the Week: Unplugged

We’re streching the definition of Buck of the Week: Unplugged, but avid bowhunter Dave Olzeski earns this week’s with a bunch of photos taken in northern Illinois on Nov. 6.

BOTW: Unplugged, which appears in the outdoors page of the Sun-Times on Sundays and in an extended version here either Saturday or Sunday, is a way of celebrating the live big bucks spotted around Chicago and the suburbs.

It grew out of BOTW, which is for hunters and their trophies. BOTW appears in the Sun-Times on Wednesdays and here in an extended version on Tuesdays.

Olzeski sent quite a series of photos.

The deer included two 10-pointers and three eight-pointers around a doe.

“Both of the big 10’s were hyperventilating throughout,” the Park Ridge realtor said.

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