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Miller Lite wants to give you a free ride home

Santa, looks like you can put the folks at Miller/Coors on your “nice” list this year.

The Miller Lite Free Rides program, beginning this Saturday and continuing every Saturday through December 26 (plus New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day), includes free double-decker buses running throughout the city from 8 p.m.-midnight, picking up inebriated passengers in the Loop, River North, Old Town, Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville. In addition to being a great way to prevent drunk driving, we’re guessing the rides will provide some good after-hours entertainment (no word on complimentary booze).

To find out if the party buses — ahem, shuttles — will be passing by your watering hole of choice (or planned New Year’s Eve destination), call 1-800-FREE RIDES (1-800-373-3743), text “RIDE” to 44636 or visit

Note: If you prefer to hiccup in private, you can grab a cab quickly using the Our Town-approved GoFastCab text service.