Andy Reid says Dave Toub is cut out to be a head coach

SHARE Andy Reid says Dave Toub is cut out to be a head coach

Andy Reid believes Dave Toub would make a terrific head coach one day in the NFL, and the Philadelphia Eagles coach said he doesn’t need to diversify his resume in order to prepare for the big jump.

“I have always said that on your staff the coach that is probably best prepared to be the head coach is your special teams coach because they have to deal with everyone on the roster plus you guys,” Reid said. “And that’s a tough thing to do. Very seldom does a special teams coach come out of a game and say, `Everything went well today.’ It just doesn’t happen. Normally, one phase somewhere, because you’re dealing with so many different phases, wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be.

“I think Dave Toub would be a great head coach down the road. I don’t think he needs to switch anything. I think there are a lot of special teams coaches in this league that would be good head coaches.”

Reid is the first coach to give Toub a job in the NFL, hiring him as an assistant special teams coach in 2001. He also helped out on the defensive line before coming to the Bears in 2004. Reid had another former assistant become a head coach in John Harbaugh. He served as the Eagles’ longtime special teams coach before becoming the secondary coach in 2007, his last post before the Baltimore Ravens hired him. Toub was an assistant under Harbaugh.

“I guess it did,” Reid said when he was asked if the defensive post helped Harbaugh. “I know how [Ravens general manager] Ozzie [Newsome] feels about special teams coaches, though. Ozzie knows. He knows this about them. I don’t think it would have mattered if John was our secondary coach or a special teams coach, I think Ozzie would have been interested in him in either case.”

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