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Obama's weighty issue; talks about weight loss

WASHINGTON–Here’s the lighter side of President Obama, about five pounds worth.

Two male network correspondents asked Obama about his weight, after a serious discussion about other issues during one and one interviews in Bejing, China.

Obama told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “My weight fluctuates about five pounds. It has for the last 30 years. It’s unchanging. I still wear the same — some of the same stuff I did when I got married 17 years ago. My hair’s gotten a lot grayer; there’s no doubt about that. But I’m not sure whether that’s just because I was about the age where my hair was going to start getting gray.”

Chip Reid from CBS also asked Obama about his health. “Well, look, my weight doesn’t fluctuate too much. It goes in a five-pound band width,” Obama said.

Even with all the burdens, Obama said, “But I’m eating fine and I’m sleeping fine. My hair is getting gray, and it is the butt of a lot of jokes from my wife as well as my friends. You just don’t have a comparable set of circumstances with two wars, a financial crisis as bad as anything since 1933, a host of regional issues that have to be dealt with, a pandemic.”