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Miami-based radio host shows up to Sammy Sosa's birthday party in blackface, doesn't get in

A Miami-based jock radio host claims he was bounced from former Cub Sammy Sosa’s 41st birthday party for showing up in blackface.

On his Web site, Enrique Santos said he was stopped on the red carpet leading to the slugger’s swank Miami Beach party by a publicist who accused him of making fun of Sosa.

Um, what exactly did he think was going to happen?

Sosa’s suddenly lighter face has been burning up the Internet and has compelled columnists to weigh in on issues that aren’t exactly skin-deep.

It’s one thing to use the pictures as a jumping-off point for a broader topic — even if many say it’s a stretch — but a totally different thing to pull a prank like this and expect anything different than what happened.

First off, it’s Sosa’s party. Did Santos really think he’d be received positively?

Probably not, and the attention he’s receiving in the wake of the incident was most likely his ultimate goal.

Also, who wants to rub elbows in a social setting with someone on blackface? May as well wear a sign that says, “I don’t get life.”

Santos, it seems, is twisting and contorting the story, telling the Miami Herald, “I asked [Sosa’s publicist], `How many women in here are wearing

makeup?’ but she wasn’t having it,” Santos told us. “Was I not white

enough for Sammy’s party or have the millions gotten to his skin — I

mean head?”

I’m not buying this as social commentary, but rather as a really cheap ploy for attention done in poor taste.

Anyone out there want to defend him?