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Making a list: Checking it twice

Not that holiday, but a holiday just the same. Firearm deer season opens tomorrow morning in Illinois.

The view from my tree stand could symbolize the whole of Illinois: half the corn around it is harvested, half is not.

It will make things interesting. On one side, deer could sneak within 20 yards and I would not have a clue they are there.

Just adds to the anticipation.

I have been puttering around for the past two hours in a fit, checking on things for the morning in that delightful state of opening-day anticipation.

For some reason, I feel hopeful this year.

Double checked shooting times, start and finish: check

Thermos preheated with hot water, ready to be emptied in the morning and refilled: one with coffee, one with the hot concoction of tomato juice, chicken broth and hot sauce: check

slugs: check

shotgun, clean and ready: check

permit in a plastic bag: check

dragging rope in an all-weather bag: check

banana/walnut/raisin/apple bread made: check

sandwiches planned: check

water bottles filled, chilling: check

field-dressing stuff in an all-weather bag: check

filled myself with hope: check

sleep? Not sure about that.

BTW, I would love to hear some reports tomorrow evening. If you have BlackBerry or e-mail access, please send them along to