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USF coach Jim Leavitt bloodied after headbutting helmet-wearing player

Media members covering the USF football team were probably a little surprised when coach Jim Leavitt showed up for the postgame press conference Saturday with a bloody gash on his nose and a cut above his left eye.

After all, coaches usually don’t get dinged up during the game.

When asked, Leavitt claimed the he fell in the locker room, but it seems the actual cause is much more entertaining.

“He was fired up. He grabbed somebody — I think it was (walk-on linebacker) LaDre Watkins,” senior safety Nate Allen said. “He headbutted him and fell backwards. I couldn’t help but laugh, because that’s the best one I’ve seen. … We were fired up about that one.”

Greg Auman of the St. Petersburg Times reports this is a common motivation method employed by Leavitt. In this case, it worked. The Bulls pulled out a 34-22 win against Louisville.