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Shockwaves rumble through the 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom finals

Did Mya hand over the mirrorball trophy on a silver platter to Donny Osmond on tonight’s finals of “Dancing with the Stars”?

In one of the most shocking and jaw-dropping finals in the show’s history, the odds-on favorite — that would be Mya— turned in one of the least-inspired freestyle dances to open the ballroom doors wide open for Osmond to take that trophy on Tuesday night.

The prize was Mya’s to lose and Donny’s to win, going into the finals. No offense to Kelly, but she was just not up to the task of the finals. She proved it tonight as her Argentine tango lacked passion and confidence and netted her a measly 26 from the judges. Mya then stepped onto the dance floor with one of the best paso dobles this show has produced and promptly earned a 30 score. The gauntlet had been thrown down, and Donny up to the challenge, turned in a fun and fiery cha cha cha which netted him a solid 27 from the judges.

So far, it seemed like all the stars and planets were in alignment. That’s when the floodgates opened wide.

The megamix challenge — a ridiculous routine in which all three couples danced bits of the same three dances (Viennese waltz, samba and jive) side by side, was an exercise in synchronicity that should have been exiled to the pool. Mya was off during the waltz, Kelly was off during the jive, but Donny missed nary a step. Still, when the ridiculous scoring was announced, Mya nabbed a perfect 30, Donny had to settle for 28 and Kelly rightfully snagged third place with a 26. I don’t know what the judges were watching but there was no way Mya danced better than Donny throughout the routine.

Kelly started the freestyle round in a fabulously dramatic style, all glistening in white and silver, but that euphoria would be short-lived as she fell/dropped out of Louis Van Amstel’s grip during their routine (or as Kelly succinctly summed it up: “It looked like Louis pooped me out.”) No matter, Osbourne was laughing too hard to care about the judges’ score, which turned out to be a 24.

And then…

In a rehearsal video montage, Mya was shown discussing the fact that she didn’t want a “Broadway” routine, when her partner Dmitry Chaplin suggested they recreate a number from “Hairspray” for the freestyle round. She wanted Vegas, baby! In the end, she gave in to the pro and it cost her DEARLY. Their homage to the Tony-winning musical was a downright bore, and even the judges were left shaking their heads in disbelief. What should have been scored no more than a 24, instead became a trio of 9s from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, proving once again that the scoring process has to be overhauled. Nonetheless, this was the point in which Mya pretty much handed over the competition to Donny, who was absolutely on fire.

Osmond and his partner Kym Johnson smartly chose to play to Donny’s strong suit, in this case, his amazing skills as a showman. And it all worked beautifully. Decked out in white tie and tails, Osmond could do no wrong, and the smart, polished, fabulously entertaining routine earned him the coveted 30 from the judges, and rightfully so.

I had said previously that the main reason Osmond made it to the finals was his fan base and not his dancing. Tonight, Osmond proved me right — and wrong. His dancing earned him a 10; his fan base will win him a mirrorball trophy Tuesday night.