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European Beer Tour: more drinking, less travel

European Tour Option A: Strap on an enormous, obnoxious backpack, pay at least $1000 in airfare and spend a week sleeping in crummy hostels with hygienically challenged Europeans.

European Tour Option B: Grab your coat and $35-$60 and spend a week sampling tasty European brews from 12 different countries at a popular Chicago tavern, with your best friends in tow.

Yeah, we’ll take Option B, thanks. The 29th Annual European Beer Tour comes to Quenchers Saloon November 27-December 4, and offers international beer lovers two ways to celebrate. You’ll pre-pay for either a short (six beers, $35) or a long (10 beers, $60) tour, which you can share with as many friends as you like (you’ll also get a commemorative shirt, glass(es), cheese and sausage plate(s) and a photo from the photobooth).

You’ll be choosing your brews from 24 draught varieties, most of which are additions to the Quenchers stock of over 300 beers. Take a look at the list of options after the jump, and remember to drink slow; after all, you’ve got a whole week to savor the flavors.

ENGLAND : Coniston Blue Bird Bitter, Green King IPA, Meantime Stout, Fuller’s Porter

GERMANY: BBK Pils, Snner Klsch, Hofbru Haus, Kstritzer Black, Wiehenstephaner Hefe-Weizen

BELGIUM: Cuvee De Jacobin, St. Feuillien Brune, Piraat Golden Ale, St. Bernardus Wit

POLAND: Okocim Beer

SCOTLAND: Belhaven Wee Heavy

IRELAND: Guinness Stout, Smithwick’s

ITALY: Peroni

NETHERLANDS: Konigshoeven Tripel

AUSTRIA: Samichlaus, Hirter Pilsner

FRANCE: St. Druon Abbey

FINLAND: Sinebrychoff Porter