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Woolly bear beats snow flying: Wild Monday

Jeff Knor found a woolly bear. And snow showers are forecast later this week.

This is not the woolly bear he found, but an example of what they look like.

I actually took this photo in September of 2008. I have not found a single woolly bear to photograph this year.

So I was glad to hear this from the Oak Forest man:

Hey Dale,

I saw and read your blog entries ealier this Fall about the lack of wooly bears and figured I’d let you know I found the 1st this year crawling up the frame of my backdoor in Oak Forest. Guess it’s fitting with the winter blast we’re suppose to get for Thanksgiving.


My note about the lack of woolly bears this fall was posted at on Oct. 4.

I put in a fair amount of time looking for them too, after the note, as I rambled around many back roads. I have seen zero. I find that nearly impossible to believe that I couldn’t find one.

And snow showers are forecast several days and nights around Thanksgiving.

What a wild year.