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Watch MNF with Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen

After yet another discouraging Bears loss on Sunday, there probably aren’t too many people left in Chicago who would pay $150 to watch Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen play football.

But what about watching them watch football? The folks at HUB 51 are hoping so, as they bring in the two Bears on Monday, December 7 for live, play-by-play commentary of the Packers-Ravens tilt.

Of course, they seem to understand that two stars on an underachieving team may not be enticement enough. That’s why the $150 ticket price includes premium open bar access and multiple food stations. We’re not sure the mix of disgruntled diehards and unlimited alcohol will end well, but hey, it’s for charity (proceeds go to the Jay Cutler Foundation and the Greg Olsen Foundation).

If you believe you have the offensive strategy to turn around the Bears season, you can tell the QB and TE yourself — provided you can pony up the $300 for a VIP ticket which includes access to a pre-game meet-and-greet cocktail hour, as well as autographed team apparel.

The main event starts at 7 p.m., and tickets are available here.