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Drink for Hunger benefit returns on Saturday

Open bars are all the rage in Chicago, but most of the time we’re not sure why. With all the cash you pay up front, you spend most of your time lingering near the bar, sucking down watered-down well drinks as fast as possible in order to get your money’s worth. Not exactly a recipe for a fun night out, in our opinion.

But there are exceptions, like this weekend’s Drink for Hunger benefit — a $30, three-hour open-bar event at AliveOne supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Over the past five years, the event has raised money to supply more than 25,000 meals to Chicago’s hungry, but it doesn’t feel like a charity event (beyond the stickers they ask you to wear); it feels like a party. In addition to all-you-can-drink microbrews, domestics, wine and cocktails, you’ll enjoy DJ entertainment (funk, soul and hip-hop) and a raffle with some sweet prizes, including signed memorabilia from Ernie Banks and Ozzie Guillen, a $100 spa gift certificate, drink packages at local bars and more.

So go ahead, hit the open bar hard, knowing that you have our blessing. Just don’t blame us when you have a massive hangover on Sunday morning.