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Is Chicago losing two of its coolest under-the-radar venues?

UPDATED TUESDAY A.M.: Cal’s alive and well (see below).

Though I hate to post rumors as news, the local music scene has been buzzing that two underground venues may be shutting its doors in the near future. (Calls to confirm both went unreturned.)

Cal’s 400 Liquors on S. Wells has been serving as one of the cooler dive bars on the punk-rock underground for several years now, but several musicians who frequent the place say it’s going out of business, and its MySpace page doesn’t list any shows after Nov. 25 (which is not in itself unusual, as Cal’s has never exactly been on top of publicizing its calendar).

According to Mike Feirstein of Cal’s, the punk-rock dive is alive and well. He emailed:

Hey Jim, I don’t know what local musicians feed you information, but they’re wrong about Cal’s closing. I love rumors though. Peppers (the little burger joint next door to us) closed this past week after being in business for over 20 years. Maybe that’s what is fueling these rumors. A lot of Board of Trade morons are spreading stuff also. It’s nice to get the press from you even though it’s an ill rumored falsehood without any legitimate facts other than what 2 musicians who frequent the bar report. In fact I urge you to come down some weekend and see a show. … Thanks for caring. I think I’ll update the myspace page for the next few months.

Meanwhile, the calendar is equally empty for the coming weeks at Sonotheque, the hipster venue at the cutting edge of electronic dance music on Chicago Avenue at the fringes of Wicker Park.

It would indeed be a loss to the local music scene if both venues are going under. Anyone out there have the facts? (I’d love to be proved wrong on both counts.)