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Pudelpointer: Old dog learns new dog

Apparently, pudelpointers have been around since the 1800s. But Saturday was my first meeting one.

I sat at the same breakfast table with Mark Lee at the Arcade in Paxton, Ill. Saturday morning, before the opening of pheasant hunting in Illinois.

And the Naperville realtor mentioned his dog would be trying for the first time to hunt wild pheasants. I was intrigued enough to walk outside and meet Riley. I thought Lee called her a puddle pointer, but it is pudelpointer.

As I found out when I got home and did some Googling. gives an overview video of pudelpointers with the YouTube video above.

Apparently, it is not a common breed around here, and he had to have shipped to O’Hare as a pup from an Idaho breeder, Cedarwood Pudelpointers at

Like Lee said, they are noted for their versatility in hunting, while also being an excellent house dog.

Everything from upland hunting to waterfowl hunting, as the YouTube videos above and below show.

For more on the breed, go to the Pudelpointer Club of North America at

I’ve owned a variety of dogs in my life, and hunted over or met many others. It was good to meet a new one, and a proud owner.

Sometimes, I just enjoy being sidetracked, meeting a new dog is just an added bonus.