What’s the best all-time slam dunk contest jam?

SHARE What’s the best all-time slam dunk contest jam?
SHARE What’s the best all-time slam dunk contest jam?

The NBA’s best and brightest will gather in Phoenix tomorrow for the annual slam dunk contest. Over the years, this jamboree has produced some jaw-dropping dunks, some laughable gimmicks and some good water-cooler debate — such as the question of which slam is the best ever?

After the jump, we present some of the finest throwdowns for your consideration.

The diminutive Spud Webb catapulted his 5’7″ frame to an unexpected contest win in 1986.

Michael Jordan from the free-throw line is a classic.

Vince Carter moving his body is ways he probably shouldn’t be able to move.

Obviously, there have been many, many more. So which is your favorite all-time slam dunk contest jam?

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