Finally, Twitter has a true purpose

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If you’ve spent a decent amount of time in bars around Chicago, you no doubt have seen Claudio Lopez Velez. The gentleman, whom most know as the Tamale Guy, seems to have a knack for knowing just the right time to show up with his cooler full of cheese, chicken and pork tamales (in convenient six-packs). We’ve yet to find a better way to spend $5 after midnight.

The problem is, you never know if the Tamale Guy is going to stop by the bar you’re in on any given night; the best you can do is make a guess based on past experience. But that uncertainty could be a thing of the past, now that tamaletracker is here.

Here’s how it works: Whenever someone sees Claudio at a bar, they can tweet a reply to this user; he’ll then let all his followers know where the man is selling his wares. Armed with this info, imbibers can make a slightly more informed decision about where to do their drinking. Is it a perfect system? Maybe not. But it can only get more efficient as more people participate. So start following…and your chances of ending your evening in tamale heaven will be greatly increased.

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