Spring camp - Day 4

GLENDALE, Ariz. – With the Sun-Times reporting on Wednesday morning that Paul Lo Duca is no longer an option as a White Sox backup catcher, it’s A.J. Pierzynski or bust this season.

If Pierzynski – who has proven to be the ultimate iron man for a catcher since arriving on the South Side in 2005 – does get hurt, however, manager Ozzie Guillen said there is a plan. It might not be a good one, but there is a plan.

“I think Mr. Flowers will be our catcher … right now, right now,” Guillen said, referring to highly-regarded prospect Tyler Flowers. “We’ve been lucky with A.J. over the years.

“I appreciate what he does, I appreciate this kid goes out there every day without complaining. He goes out there and does his job without crying about it. The one thing about A.J. – people can what they want about A.J., I can say what I want about A.J., but the one thing about it is he goes about his business the right way and I appreciate that.

“Me and A.J., we have problems every other week, but that’s the same way he has problems with his wife, his mom, his kids, he has problems with everybody, but one thing about A.J. is he shows up to the ballpark to play everyday and to win. He doesn’t show up just to show up, but to win. As a coach you appreciate that effort he always puts out.”

The other surgery

Not only did Josh Fields have knee surgery in the fall, but told reporters that he also had LASIK surgery to improve his vision.

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