Food with Integrity

We recently had a chance to sit down with some of the marketing folks and a chef/guacamole mixologist at Chipotle so they could give us and other media-blogger-types their schpiel on their Food with Integrity program. They told us about their farm-raised this, organic that, yada yada and get a free burrito and, being the connoisseurs that we are, we will sit through just about anything for a free burrito. We had heard some of it before the organic vegetables, the farm-raised meat but there were a few interesting points.

The chain has started a new program with all of its Loop locations (and theyre hoping to expand as much as possible) to send all leftovers at the end of the night to Pacific Garden Mission, a south side homeless shelter. How cool is that? And, really, how hard would it be for other restaurants to do this? Heres hoping a trend is started to help give back to those who need it most.

Chipotle is seeking LEED certification for many of its new restaurants, which would make it among the first in the country to do so.

Theyve put a huge stress on local farming for all their area restaurants. The goal is to be 100 percent local in the future. Go Illinois!

Did you know Chipotle accounts for 4 percent of the total guacamole production in the entire county? Up to 60 avocadoes go into each batch of their savory guac.

Most importantly to anyone dining, they make a mean burrito. If you thought they were good before, you should try em when theyre free. Check out their Chicago locations, including the newest one in Logan Square.

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