“Dancing with the Stars” Season 8 Celebrity Lineup

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We waited and waited. and here it is….

Lil ‘Kim is used to wearing practically nothing in public, so the sequins and peekabo dresses and barely-there frocks made famous on this show will be nothing new to the singer/rapper.

NFL Hall-of-Famer, former New York Giants legendary linebacker Lawrence Taylor is one of the greatest players of all time. Let’s see if he’s still got the moves to do what it takes to win in the ballroom.

Nancy O’Dell? Not since Leeza Gibbons have we been this excited. Oh brother.

Oh well,I supposed we should be thankful for hunka-hunka-hunk Gilles Marini (the gorgeous stud living next door to Samantha in L.A who spends much of the film showering with the women he’s bedded, or bedding the women he’s bedded, or going full-frontal with or without the women he’s bedded.. you get the picture). In real life, the 32-year-old Frenchman is happily married and the father of 2. So there ya go. Eye candy of the highest caliber. Let’s see if he’s got the moves when he’s fully clothed (not to mention completely dry)

So now we know why Julianne Hough is supposedly sitting out this season of the show.. her singing cowboy boyfriend Chuck Wicks will try to cut a rug in the ballroom. Honestly, does he think this will help his music career? Seems like Julianne’s music career, which should be skyrocketing by now (the girl really can sing) is just idling. Maybe this is a brilliant publicity stunt for the duo? Can’t tell just yet.

Denise Richards, well, this gal will do just about anything for publicity these days. Nuff said.

Every “DWTS” needs an Olympic gold medalist. So here comes the Liliputian (4 feet 10 inches) gymnast Shawn Johnson. She could be a first-rate contender.

We had the “Goot” (Steve Guttenbert) now we have “the Woz” as in Apple computer founder/creator Steve Wozniak. He’s officially (I think) this season’s geezer, though nowhere near the geezerdom of Cloris Leachman.

David Alan Grier (fresh from the cancellation of “Chocolate News” on Comedy Central) the former star of “In Living Color” will be this season’s cutup.

Ex popster and lead singer of the Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle has recently dropped 20 pounds and is looking might fabulous! This could be the springboard for her career comeback. (Hey, Marie Osmond landed a sweet deal at the Flamingo in Las Vegas with brother Donny!) And for the record, Osmond signed with Jenny Craig.

But the ones that will get the most attention this season are the husband and wife duo of professional rodeo cowboy Ty Murray and his bride, the singer Jewel. The coosome twosome will be competing against each other. Hmmmm. Wonder if their marriage will survive if one of them wins?

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