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Lane Kiffin's press conference was short, but not that sweet

Lane Kiffin’s last press conference before leaving Tennessee was exactly like his tenure there.

Brief and mediocre.

Kiffin repeatedly made mention of the length of time he’d been in Knoxville — 14 months — in a hastily thrown together good-bye to the orange-and-white faithful.

He took no questions from press before disappearing out the door and on to his new coaching digs at Southern California.

But, I won’t question his class.


Because you can’t google anything today without accidentally finding someone who will.

Still, if this is your final statement to a fan base you promised the world to, you have to know it’s going to be heavily scrutinized. Why not then talk about how you’re going to take your dream job and you’re sorry for hanging the Volunteers out to dry? Seems like if you’re not going to say anything of value, you shouldn’t say anything at all.