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Herschel Walker is jumping into MMA fighting

Touchdown and push-up enthusiast Herschel Walker is “serious” about jumping into mixed martial arts, and will step into that arena on Jan. 30.

That’s when he’ll face Greg Nagy as part of the Strikeforce card to be held in Sunrise, Fla.

The 47-year-old Walker won the 1982 Heisman Trophy and holds a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Walker is also famous for his workout regimes, and although it’s not quite what it once was, it will probably make you feel like a bloated slug.

He’s eating only one meal a day, as usual — no red meat, as usual — and

getting through on “three or four hours” of sleep, as usual. His

once-famous workout routine consisting of what he said was once 5,000

push ups and 5,000 sit-ups per day is all the way down to 1,500

push-ups and 2,500 sit-ups on heaviest daily duty.

You sold on the running back succeeding or is it going to get ugly for him?