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Is Tiger Woods in sex rehab?

Today’s Tiger Woods rumor comes from The Sun, a British tabloid that seems out to give us all the salacious soccer-star and buxom-lady news that’s fit to print.

They put the troubled golfer at a six-day-a-week sex-addiction clinic in Cape Town, South Africa.

Johnny Graaff, boss of Cape Town’s exclusive Montrose Place clinic, said

yesterday he could neither confirm nor deny Tiger was there.

That’s not exactly a smoking gun, but for what it’s worth, celebrity spotters apparently saw him at the Cape Town airport, according to the report.

When have so-called celebrity spotters ever steered us astray?

Another report, this one from People, says Woods checked into a similar facility in Wickenburg, Ariz., sometime around the holidays.

Woods hasn’t been seen since the mistress scandal erupted, but as you can see, it hasn’t stopped the widespread speculation as to his whereabouts.