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Chudzinski seems a long shot in Chicago

San Diego Chargers assistant head coach Rob Chudzinski seemed an ideal candidate for the Bears to interview to become their offensive coordinator.

But it just doesn’t appear to make any sense for Chudzinski to leave the Chargers, especially after the club announced the signing of head coach Norv Turner to a three-year extension Monday.

Indications are Turner values Chudzinski insight and intelligence.

Chudzinski could have picked from three different coordinator positions last off-season. But he chose the Chargers, accepting the title of assistant head coach. With that came additional duties that Turner said freed him up to do other things.

Chudzinski is under contract through 2010. Given his situation, it doesn’t make sense to leave the Chargers’ 10th ranked offense, which includes numerous stars, to work with an unproven Bears offense with some question marks. In addition, Lovie Smith certainly doesn’t have the same job security as Turner.

If the Chargers are good again in 2010 — and there’s no reason to doubt that — then Chudzinski could have his pick of coordinator jobs or may be even become a head coach, a job some believe is inevitable.