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Ill Salmons not with team

John Salmons didn’t travel with the Bulls to Los Angeles following Monday’s game with the Golden State Warriors.

Salmons scored a team-high 25 points in the game, but complained of nausea throughout. He then got sick afterward and was kept behind in Oakland — the team travelled immediately after the game — so some preliminary tests could be conducted at a local hospital.

Salmons was expected to join the team in Los Angeles either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Kirk Hinrich, who missed Monday’s game, suffered from similar symptoms, so the bug could be running through the team, which is exactly what they don’t need early in a seven-game road trip.

“Yeah, it’s a concern,” coach Vinny Del Negro said. “It seems like it’s going through [the team] a little bit. We can’t afford anybody to be down. We’ve had players down before and we didn’t fare real well. We need everybody. We need all the troops.”