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Bears Put Norv in Awkward Spot

The Bears have received permission to speak with Chargers’ assistant head coach/tight ends Rob Chudzinski, according to a knowledgeable source.

Chudzinski is expected to interview with coach Lovie Smith and perhaps even recently hired offensive line coach Mike Tice at Halas Hall today.

The Bears’ request to interview Chudzinksi put Chargers coach Norv Turner in an interesting situation. Turner didn’t have to grant the request because Chudzinski remains under contract and the Bears aren’t offering a head coaching position. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to stand in the way of a coach moving on and up if Chudzinski wants more autonomy, which he would likely get in Chicago since Smith is more involved with the defense.

Then again, does Norv want to help out a head coach who just fired his brother? Smith fired longtime Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner and several of his assistants earlier this month.

The NFL is an interesting place. The Turner Boys have been in the league a long time. They know how things work. But there’s no denying that Smith’s request put Norv Turner in an awkward spot. Lovie is basically saying, “I fired your brother and now I want to steal your assistant head coach to take his place.”

I’m told Chudzinski has one year left on his contract but is expected to remain as long as Norv Turner is San Diego’s head coach, and Norv just signed a three-year extension.