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Now he's on a mission WITH God

On Sunday, John Belushi would have turned 61 years old. He’d have plans for a post-rehab, non-alcoholic beer with ol’ buddy Dan Aykroyd at the Billy Goat. He’d be preparing for a cameo in “Blues Brothers 7: Tweetin’ da Blues.” He’d be teaching at Second City.

Instead, Chicago bar Faith & Whiskey, 1365 W. Fullerton, is celebrating the late comedy great with a Belushi Birthday Blowout Weekend.

Tonight, a cover band yup, they’re called The Bluz Brothers will perform Jake and Elwood’s greatest hits from the Chicago-centric film that made such a mark. Music starts at 9 p.m., and there are costume contests.

Saturday, it’s an “Animal House”-style toga party featuring the actual Otis Day from the movie performing, of course, “Shout” and “Shama Lama Ding Dong.” (He loves us, you know.) Music starts at 10 p.m., with more costume contests.

Here’s an instructional video. Follow these moves …

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