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OK, so maybe I'm biased pro-Conan...

Seeing as how he’s the only late-night host who’d ever be silly enough to put Greg Kot and me on TV, but I thought his final “Tonight Show” was brilliant, and it was fitting that it was dominated by music.

From Neil Young’s moving rendition of “Long May You Run” to the Will Ferrell-led sign-off jam on “Free Bird” — augmented by Billy Gibbons, Beck and Ben Harper — the music did the talking. What else was left to say? Well, aside from Conan’s classy thank-you to NBC(!), just Young’s short but true interjection: “Thank you for all you’ve done for new music.”

Hey, Conan, if you get bored during the next seven months, I’m sure we could use some help on “Sound Opinions.” Sorry, though: We don’t have a slot for Max.