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Tom Izzo defends the new Michigan State logo

Today is a confusing day for those of us who really like Tom Izzo and simultaneously despise the proposed new logo for Michigan State athletics.

A few days after the online community of Spartans banded together in hatred for this new Nike-approved thing, the coach of the Big Ten-leading basketball team voiced his support for the new look.

“Of all the days, this would be the dumbest time to talk about it,

except I’m so disappointed with our group of alums that are complaining

about it that it’s a great time to talk about it for two minutes,” Izzo

said when asked for his thoughts on the change. “It’s a lot bigger than

the team; it’s a lot bigger than the program. It’s about our athletic

department and our university, which is way bigger than one game or one


“I have been mystified out of my mind over it. Not to make it bigger than it is, but to me, it’s a small deal.”

This seemingly puts Izzo in the very small minority who are OK with the much-less-intricate design.

He also has a response to all of us levying the “tradition” argument about the change.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m hearing about all this tradition on

our logos and all that, but since I’ve been here, we had the Spartan

head … remember that one with the grizzly look?” Izzo said. “Then we

had a helmet, and then with every football coach, we had an S and a

helmet and an S and a helmet. … I think we didn’t have an identity.

“Now, here we have a guy who has enough courage and a good

enough relationship with Nike that they made us one of four five

schools that they researched all the way back to Greece to figure out

what would be great. I’m dead serious on this. [Athletic Director] Mark [Hollis] did a phenomenal


Again to disagree this one time, coach.